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Workout of the week - Low impact circuit

Give this low impact circuit a go to keep you mobile and moving even if you are suffering with low back pain. #workout #exercise #fitness #mobility

Work on each exercise for 30 seconds and rest between each one for 30 seconds. Do it through 5 times for a light workout.

It's really important to keep active and mobile, even when you may be experiencing mild low back pain. In fact, staying active is the first thing a GP would usually recommend, followed by back stretches and exercises. See my YouTube channel for a short video demonstrating two stretches that may help!

The next thing that's really important to remember is to keep relaxed. Worrying about your pain will cause an increase in tension in the muscles. Please remember however, it is really important to consult your GP before any new exercise routine.

Check back next week for more helpful tips and advice!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you are ready to commit to change.

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