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It seems as though size does matter these days. We see these action films and superhero flicks filled with muscle bound male actors shredded to the bone and saving the day. For sure there is pressure in society to look like this and I know I would love to look like these people.

So how do you achieve this?

As with all health and fitness goals, you have to have all areas of your life working together, to bulk up however, the main things you need is bang on nutrition and hard work in the gym.

To achieve hypertrophy (muscle growth) the average person will need to consume around 1.5 - 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day as well as getting all of the RDA of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and veg. Make sure you are eating a decent amount of unrefined carbohydrates to keep energy levels up as you will need this when you step foot amongst the iron in the gym.

Once you have your nutrition on point (do not try to gain size without sorting your nutrition first as you will not reach your full potential) you will then need to ramp up your training. Big compound moves are your friends here; deadlifts, back squats, bench press and rows are all moves that will activate lots of major muscle groups as well as stimulating the release of human growth hormone which will trigger the growth of your muscle fibres. Back up these big moves with smaller isolation moves to focus on particular areas you wish to grow.

Utilising a split routine is usually the way forward, this will allow you to hit the required areas often enough and with enough intensity whilst allowing adequate time to recover.

Aim to work the areas you wish to grow at least twice a week with 2-3 exercises for the focussed area with 5 sets of each exercise consisting of 8-12 reps. Always ensure you have the correct technique as injury will happen if you get it wrong whilst lifting heavy weights. Lift with your brain, not your ego.


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