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a slip up doesn't mean give up

Have you fallen off the ‘bandwagon’? Don’t worry it happens to everybody at some point or other and usually more than once. Read this blog for how to reset, refresh and get going again.....

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle should always be goal driven. Having a clear and achievable goals will help you get back on track after the occasional slip up.

Ok, let’s look at the usual places we all go wrong from time to time on our fitness and health journey.


For many people this can be the hardest part. Food plays a crucial role in health and fitness and it is imperative that you are on top of your nutrition if you are going to stand a chance of getting the best results you possibly can.

This being said, if you have a bad day/week/month it’s not the end of the world. I recommend ‘flexible dieting’ to my clients. This is a fantastic way of controlling your food. With flexible dieting, if you do have a period of time where your nutrition is not quite what it could be don’t get down about it, own it and move on. For the next few days or weeks just take on slightly fewer calories than you would on your usual plan until you ‘pay back’ the extra calories you took on. You are now back to where you would have been before the blip and raring to go again! Remember, health and fitness is not a punishment. Enjoy both and you will create lifelong changes.


Again, this is an area where everybody will lose focus from time to time and again, it’s not the end of the world. If you have not done any exercise for up to a week there will be no noticeable ill effects, just remind yourself why you are on your journey and get back on the horse, the buck stops with you and you are the only person who can make you get back to exercise. Arrange to meet up with a gym partner or book yourself a PT session or a class, this way, someone is expecting you to exercise which will give you that extra nudge to get back into it. If you have been away from training for more than a week you will begin to lose your strength and cardiovascular fitness gains. Though this is not where you want to be, it is not the end of the world, you did it once you can do it again. Our body is fantastic at remembering what we teach it, you will get it back very quickly but just don’t expect too much of your body when you do go back. Try to change up your training plan every 4-6 weeks to maintain enjoyment and motivation and to continue putting your body through new challenges to continue forcing change for the better.

Mind Set

Exercise and good nutrition is proven to improve mood, increase mental alertness and reduce stress. When you lose focus on these areas it can have a detrimental effect to your mental health. This can lead to a downward spiral which can be hard to break. This will be the toughest cycle to break. To avoid this, I recommend that my clients write themselves a letter when they are feeling at their best. This letter should be written to the unmotivated you, remind yourself why you are on your journey, remind yourself of all the things you have achieved so far and remind yourself how good you can feel.

Try to turn everything into a positive. Yes, you have had a rest from your routine but, maybe your aches and pains have gone with rest and you are refreshed and ready to hit it harder, or maybe you have noticed you feel sluggish tired or not so healthy as you normally do. This is all positive, you can change everything. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

No health and fitness journey will be a straight line from the you at the start to the you you want to be. EVERYBODY has slip ups but there are things we can do to reduce the number we have. Track your progress in every way you can. If your goals are aesthetics based (muscle gain, muscle tone, body fat loss), take photos of yourself once a week on the same day and the same time and put them in an album. In my experience, there is no bigger motivator than visually seeing your body change. Keep a diary of your successes, these could be new PBs, feeling better when playing with the kids, a compliment from someone you know (or someone you don’t), medical improvements and countless other things that improve your happiness and quality of life.

Remember though, the buck does stop with you and the past cannot be changed but your future is in your hands (sorry for the cheese but it is true).

All the best,


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